10 months ago

Metis Self Drilling Anchor Systems (irrespective of threadform) are very suitable as permanent anchors

Metis is a professional anchor bolt manufacturer and supplier based in China,we provide a wide variety of ancho read more...

11 months ago

Self-drilling anchors can be used as tie down anchors, deep foundation

The main advantages of the Metis® hollow anchor bolts are:
1.Fast drilling and placing due to drilling, anchor installation read more...

12 months ago

SDA bolt comes with couplings, different types of bits, centralizers, nuts and anchor plates

Founded in 2014, we have experienced an enormous change and development over the past years. Thanks to reliable quality, competitive prices, professional and valuable services, we now have grown to be a leading supplier of read more...

12 months ago

A unique bolting solution for fractured or hard rock formations

The Metis hollow anchor bolt employs the fully threaded Hollow Bar. The Hollow Bar is cold rolled to form standard rope thread. The rol read more...

12 months ago

Metis self drilling bolts are popular among clients at home and abroad

Metis self drilling hollow anchor bolt is manufactured for underground or ground applications in mines, tunnels, slopes, or wherever re read more...

1 year ago

Metis anchor bolts are of superior quality and meet the obligatory standards requirements

Automated serial manufacture of anchors, manufacture of ground and anchor bolts, and their accessories under the highest standards of quality control. The products are manufactur read more...

1 year ago

Metis’s self drilling anchor makes grouting and anchoring can be done simultaneously

Metis is a brand name for SDA bolt manufactured company. Metis products comprise a number of different types of Next