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Metis Self Drilling Anchor Systems (irrespective of threadform) are very suitable as permanent anchors

Metis is a professional anchor bolt manufacturer and supplier based in China,we provide a wide variety of anchor bolts,we make our products with a high quality alloy,thus they are strong and reliable.This is why they widely used in slope anchor,tunnel excavation,mine exploration,and other similar projects.Self drilling anchor bolts are our hot sale products.

Metis provides self drilling anchors for various kinds of construction projects. We can also customize the products according to the requirement of clients. Thanks to the advanced advanced technology with self drilling anchor, the modern practices have improved safety in construction significantly.

All Metis Self Drilling Anchors should incorporate a fixed length (bonded in the stable zone) and a free length (debonded with a sleeve, in the wedge zone) to enable the anchor to be prestressed. The prestress provides an active restraint, enabling the anchor to resist service loadings without additional elongation. 

Metis Self Drilling Anchor Systems (irrespective of threadform) are very suitable as permanent anchors. The ground anchor length is flexible, it can be lengthened. It adapts to several projects, such as railway, tunnel, hydro-junction, slope, dam, bridge base, high-rise building, construction reinforcement and so on. 

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Self-drilling anchors can be used as tie down anchors, deep foundation

The main advantages of the Metis® hollow anchor bolts are:
1.Fast drilling and placing due to drilling, anchor installation and grouting in a
single operation.
2.Neither separate anchor installation nor removal of casing and drill rods.
3.Similar installation methods for all ground conditions.
4.Choice of drill bits for different ground conditions.
5.The hollow core not only serves for flushing with air or water during drilling, but also for grouting the anchor tendon.
6.Flexibility in length by using couplers.
7.Ability to work with small drill rigs without casing in restricted headroom conditions.
8.Accommodation of needs for enhanced protection against corrosion upon request.
9.The accepted high standard of quality control from production stage to installation of the Metis® Drill Hollow Bar Anchors ensures consistent quality.
10.The Metis® Drill Hollow Bar Anchor has an advantage in all applications where normally cased drilling is required.
11.The Metis® Drill Hollow Bar Anchor System allows for anchoring in both cohesive and non cohesive ground, even under limited space conditions.

Metis® self drilling anchor system are fully threaded drill rods with drill bits which will advance the self-drilling anchor bolt into the required depth. The self-drilling hollow bar anchor will be grouted in place, which will create the steel reinforcing of an anchor. Self-drilling anchors can be used as tie down anchors, deep foundation, rock anchors, soil nails and micropiles in lots of difficult applications. Self-drilling anchor is a valuable and multi-functional additions to engineers. With the use of drill hollow bar, production rate is much improved, compared with solid bar anchors. Hole casing system can be avoided, especially in low headroom.

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SDA bolt comes with couplings, different types of bits, centralizers, nuts and anchor plates

Founded in 2014, we have experienced an enormous change and development over the past years. Thanks to reliable quality, competitive prices, professional and valuable services, we now have grown to be a leading supplier of self drilling anchor bolt in China. As a modern corporation, we operate strictly in compliance with the ISO9001 quality management system, and some of our products have passed European CE certification. We always adhere to the principle of “ Sincerity-oriented, Credibility first”.
SDA bolt comes with couplings, different types of bits, centralizers, nuts and anchor plates, and also several accessories for injection.Our range of self drilling anchor system has the following threads : R25, R32, R38, R51, T30,T40,T52 and T103, with several inside diameters.R thread anchor bar or called rock bolt, soil nail, which is a kind of threaded hollow bar, bar surface with an rope thread according to ISO 10208 & 1720. It was firstly invented by MAI on 1960S to solve the low construction speed on complicated underground works, nowadays; it is very popular all around the world.T thread anchor bar surface with a trapezoidal thread, this design of connection is much stronger and reliable when compared with rope thread, we supply full sizes from T30 to T103.
We always strive to keep our customers satisfied by meeting their needs and exceeding their expectations. With integration of researching, manufacturing, selling and tailored financial support, we commit to providing every client with complete drilling solutions. Additionally, through comprehensive analysis and good understanding of consumer’s demand, we make every effort to assure customers of the lowest per-meter cost in all aspects from selection of solutions, design of products, purchase of materials, and technology of manufacturing to delivery of products.

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A unique bolting solution for fractured or hard rock formations

The Metis hollow anchor bolt employs the fully threaded Hollow Bar. The Hollow Bar is cold rolled to form standard rope thread. The rolling process refines the grain structure of the steel, increasing the yield strength and producing a robust hollow bar acting as both drill rod and grouting tube during installation. The formed standard rope thread allows the length of the Hollow Bar to be extended by couplers, giving the Sinorock self drilling anchor bolt more flexible in transportation and installation than the regular rock bolts.

Metis self drilling hollow anchor bolt system have become an important tool for the geotechnical engineer. Their safe and reliable use in both permanent and temporary applications is accepted throughout the world.

The self-drilling hollow anchor bolt system facilitates your work to a great extent, as it is capable of performing drilling, anchoring and injecting procedures all at once. The self-drilling anchor bolt has a hollow interior, a threaded exterior and a drill bit that is used for drilling. The hollow interior of the self-drilling anchor bolt allows air and water freely pass through the drilling process, flushing the particles. It also facilitates immediate injection following completion of the drilling process. Self-drilling anchor bolts present a unique bolting solution for fractured or hard rock formations as well as unstable ground conditions (such as gravel, soft, clayey and non-homogeneous soil).

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Metis self drilling bolts are popular among clients at home and abroad

Metis self drilling hollow anchor bolt is manufactured for underground or ground applications in mines, tunnels, slopes, or wherever reliable ground support is needed. Metis self drilling anchor system are manufactured to a highest standard of quality. Rigid standards of quality are achieved by exhaustive quality control, testing and inspection procedures. Detailed drawings specify materials, dimensions, and tolerances.

In order to achieve high quality self drilling bolts,we conduct rigid quality control on each production process. Our self drilling bolts are made of high quality materials, and we use advanced production equipment and technologies. Our talented team of engineers designs and develops new drilling tools, while we can also produce self drilling bolts according to customers’ specific requirements. Now, our company is approved by ISO9001:2008, and our self drilling bolts are popular among clients at home and abroad.

Metis is strongly expanding its global presence through direct sale to end-users, a well-established infrastructure of regional agents and by supporting local sub-manufacturing.

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Metis anchor bolts are of superior quality and meet the obligatory standards requirements

Automated serial manufacture of anchors, manufacture of ground and anchor bolts, and their accessories under the highest standards of quality control. The products are manufactured under the strict supervision of the Company's engineers, their materials are of superior quality and meet the obligatory standards requirements.

Development of the importation and marketing of geotechnical products, including self drilling anchor, ground and anchor bolts, and anchor monitoring instrumentation.

Metis self drilling anchor system are cylindrical fasteners that are used to connect objects and structural elements to concrete.They may be used for everything from holding a home to its foundations to attaching heavy industrial machinery to a factory floor.Self drilling anchors are also used in prefabricated panel construction.In this type on construction ,Self drilling anchors are used to connect structrual frames together.This is only a fraction of possible uses for Self drilling anchors.

Our experience is extensive, and our culture is one of ownership. As a anchoring company of employee owners, we work with the unity of family and the determination of business owners. We take greater responsibility for quality, safety, production and innovation because we share directly in the Company’s success. 


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Metis’s self drilling anchor makes grouting and anchoring can be done simultaneously

Metis is a brand name for SDA bolt manufactured company. Metis products comprise a number of different types of self drilling anchors. They have been sold in China since 2014. Metis has a complete line that is always in stock of equivalent type anchors as well as carries the complete line of Metis anchors.

Metis’s self drilling anchor bolt is a sort of hollow bar that makes grouting and anchoring can be done simultaneously,it can also provide an excellent effect on various kinds of complex conditions,such as soft soils,loose rock,fractured zones and so on.The injection hollow bar is versatile in the projects of mining,tunneling,transportation,kinds of foundation support and national defense ect.The hollow injection bar is applicable to medium and good ground conditions and is perfect for permenent support,pressure grouting from anchor bolt can stabilize broken rocks and prevent underground water to keep anchor bolt from corrosion.These can provide support for the stabilty of surrounding soils.

The Metis Self drilling anchor bolt system is designed for use in various applications, including tunnel repair and refurbishment and also slope and cliff face reinforcement. It provides the optimal solution for nailing, bolting, micro piling and as ground anchors for use in difficult ground and rock conditions. The system comprises of high quality fittings matched to rope threaded seamless steel tube which is threaded to ISO 2008.The self drilling anchor bolt system enables drilling and grouting of the anchor in one operation, making a saving in on-site and project time.